Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Coraline Box #23

Andy at ToysREvil has been playing it coy, but finally posted photos of the contents of Coraline Box #23, and his box features...Scottie Dog.

See the other Coraline boxes, including mine, here.

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Coraline key in Chicago

Coraline key found by Allison Felus, who "found them laying on the tables on the ground floor of the Landmark Century Theater mall at Clark & Diversey."

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Coraline video game stills

Coming January 29 from D3Publisher for the DS, Wii, and PS2:
Based on Focus Features and LAIKA Entertainment’s upcoming film, CORALINE is a whimsical exploration game that combines puzzle solving, character interaction and item collection with traditional action gameplay.

Gamespot has 10 desktop wallpaper-sized stills. And you can preorder the game for a few dollars off at Amazon.

Coraline art show at the Cartoon Art Museum

January 24 through February 15, the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco will be hosting a Coraline art show "featuring drawings, storyboards, puppets, sets, costumes and more."

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Want to know why Laika has to work so hard to advertise Coraline?

I know some people have already expressed boredom and surprise at the length of the advertising campaign for Coraline - - it already seems like it's been around for a decade in internet years. But just this morning, someone wrote on Twitter:
Why am I just now hearing about an animated movie based on Neil Gaiman's "Coraline"? On the plus side it's out in early February!
If someone familiar with Neil Gaiman's work AND sophisticated enough to use Twitter hadn't heard about the movie before, then Laika and Weiden+Kennedy really have their work cut out.

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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Coraline button box in Singapore

Sean at GeeKsignerS in Singapore was kind enough to send me photos of the button box he just received from the Other Mother:

I asked him if Coraline had been getting any mention in the Singapore press and he said "none" that he was aware of.

You can see photos of the other button and artisan boxes that I've found here. And go here to check out some GeeKsignerS artwork.

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Video of a large shirtless man trying to grab a Coraline key

Here's video of a large shirtless man, and his friends,trying to pull a Coraline key off a Coraline poster:

Also, here's a clear photo of an outdoor ad in Chicago:

Finally, go here for a photo of an outdoor Coraline ad in Georgetown.

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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Video interview with Henry Selick

Collider had the chance to visit the Coraline set and interview Henry Selick. His most interesting comment - - they added the character of Wybie so Coraline would have someone to speak to ("so it wasn't just her thoughts"):

You can see some photos from the set here and read more interviews with the crew here.

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Videos of the Coraline outdoor ads

Here's two videos of the Coraline outdoor ads. The first video features the ghosts:

And the second shows how large the ads are:

Also, the LA Times wrote about the 20th anniversary of Neil Gaiman's Sandman, and briefly mentioned Coraline:
Still, Gaiman was badly bruised by the experience of "Stardust," a film that did not do well in America, which the author blames on a wrongheaded studio marketing plan ("They had something," he said, "like 'Princess Bride' and they promoted it like it was 'Ella Enchanted' "). He's fretting now about "Coraline," a 3-D, stop-motion adaptation, although he gushes about the talents of director Selick.

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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Coraline keys in San Francisco

Violet Blue found a Coraline key at Villains in San Francisco. She said various stores in the area had keys on the counter.

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Friday, December 26, 2008

Coraline puppets, t-shirt, illustration

These Flickr galleries have several photos of Coraline, Bobinsky, Wybie, Other Mother, and ghost puppets.

Here's a Coraline t-shirt that was available at a Siggraph show.

And here's a Coraline illustration I spotted at Flickr.

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Animated Coraline mirror advertisement in Los Angeles

There's an advertisement for Coraline covering a storefront on Melrose in Los Angeles. Part of the ad is an animated mirror on which the official site's url appears. Another part of the ad reads, "Text 'mirror' to 74139 to learn how to help." There's a video of the mirror in action here.

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Coraline keys in Boston

Several Coraline keys were given to the owner of the Oak handmade gifts and clothing store in Boston. She was told they were part of a scavenger hunt.

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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Coraline dolls and figurines

To date, these are the only Coraline toys I've seen. Entertainment Earth indicates the toys will be available sometime in January, and so far only has cases available for sale:

Coraline Bendy Fashion Doll Assortment Set

Coraline 3-Inch PVC Figures Case is also only selling cases and indicates the toys won't be available until February or March.

Coraline desktop wallpapers

I created two Coraline desktop wallpapers. 1024x768 and 1920X1200 resolution:

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Coraline keys found on building

Lauren Vega spotted a building in Chicago covered in keys. One end of the keys looked like a button and featured the official site's url. More photos at Flickr, and a closeup at Neil Gaiman's site. There's a key on sale at eBay.

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Another Coraline Button Box

Andrew "me3dia" Huff received a Coraline Button Box.

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Laughing Squid's Coraline Button Box

Laughing Squid received a "button box" from the Other Mother. You can see the contents at the link.

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Nike "Coraline Dunks"

According to the Coraline official site, if you stay until the end of the movie, you'll see a password. Entering the password...somewhere will give you the chance to win a pair of Nike "Coraline Dunks." Apparently, there will be less than 1,000 made.

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Neil Gaiman's Coraline Box

Neil Gaiman received a Coraline box that included a Coraline puppet used in the movie:

Lots of photos here.

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50 Coraline Boxes

The creators of Coraline sent out 50 handmade boxes to bloggers. Each box is unique and includes items from the movie. Here are the boxes I've found so far. Follow the links for lots of great photos, and please tell me if you spot one I haven't listed.

#1 Tomopop.

#2 More Everything.

#3 Stainless Steel Droppings.

#4 Pink Is The New Blog.

#5 Fashionista Piranha.

#6 Wendy Knits.

#7 Ravelry.

#8 Knitty Blog.

Box #9 Darkmatters.

#10 Stop Motion Magic.

#11 emmyymme:

#13 /Film.

#14 Geeks of Doom.

#15 Lines and Colors.

#21 Notcot.

#22 Toycutter. (My box.)

#23 ToysREvil.

#24 Despoiler.

#27 Neatorama.

#28 Cool Hunting.

#29 Heroine Sheik.

#33 Occupation: Girl.

#34 VampireFreaks (reg. reqd).

#37 Animation Archive.

#39 <Karrie A. Lyons. (Scroll halfway down)

#40 Ironic Sans.

#41 The Starlight Foundation (on sale at eBay).

#42 Cory Doctorow.

#44 Make.

#46 The Kreep.

#50 Creativity.

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