Saturday, June 6, 2009

Two more reviews of Coraline the muscial

Two more reviews of the MCC Theater's Coraline musical:

1. John Soltes:
It works, for a bit. Then the experiment begins to feel tedious. The differences between the real world and the other world are small — this new world doesn't feel escapist in any sense, except for three neon lights. The pianos, too, begin to cause one's teeth to grate. And eventually what began as clever becomes mundane, for all the tricks up the creators' sleeves have been already been showcased.
2. David Kennerley:
The momentum, and the magic, cannot be sustained, stalling about an hour into this 90-minute, intermissionless production. Atmosphere chokes the narrative; the gleeful whimsy grows stale.
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  2. I just posted the last comment, and sence I worked on coraline The pink palace in the movie is based off of this house!