Monday, July 20, 2009

Miss Forcible carcass signed by Neil Gaiman (and more)

1. Miss Forcible's shed skin, signed by Neil Gaiman.

2. A Coraline crew t-shirt, different from the one I posted yesterday.

3. Projects to create Coraline Storyboard Replicas and Wybie's Welder's Mask.

4. Daniel and The Dark won the Coraline cups and have been contacted. Obviously the karma gods smiled upon them since they both hosted giveaways recently.

*Buy Coraline toys at eBay and Amazon.


  1. Odd... I don't remember getting, or even seeing one of those T-Shirts... must have been the OTHER production crew.

  2. rick, that shirt for done internally for art dept members.

  3. I want that miss forcible butt...