Monday, July 27, 2009

Positive review of the Coraline DVD 3D features

Go here for a positive review of the Coraline DVD, and the 3D viewing option. The collector's edition is 43% off at Amazon.


  1. I hope this dosent wrap everything up when the dvd is released... It will be so sad to see it all over. But the DVD is not even in the uk at the momment so you have a bit more blogging to do and hopefully people keep making crafts reviews story boards and so much more to keep this incredible movie alive. And i would like to thank you so much for this incredible and such a nice blog. Ive never ead blogs before but i found myself coming back to this one again and again and your effort has paid of. Thank you so much i hope you cary on the work.

  2. It's my pleasure. I'll continue posting as long as there's interesting stuff to post.

  3. Well thank you so much this is an amazing work and your efforts have paid of. But i cantg belive this tommorow i got invited to the cinema with a friend and i asked what we were going to see and they said coraline and i said wow its still there thats great but when i asked how much i was so shocked. It only cost 1 pound to watch coraline in the cinema... 1 pound is incredible cheap for such an incredible film but the fact its so cheap after all that work i wonder how money is made from performances like this.... i hope coralines dvd and blue ray makes much more sucess than this..
    Jamie Rumson