Saturday, February 7, 2009

Coraline link roundup

1. Lots of great photos of the Coraline premiere and after party here, including the glowing button bags used to light the way.

2. Incomplete, but already terrific-looking homemade Coraline doll.

3. Handy summary of Wieden + Kennedy's Coraline ad campaign, as well as a list of the people who worked on it.

4. And, in case you're curious, early indications are Coraline is doing well at the box office.

*Buy Coraline toys at eBay and Amazon.


  1. I'm known as the siren of all seven seas, the breaker of hearts by the day,so if you go swimmin' with no legged women, i might steal your weak heart away!

    a big-bottomed sea witch lay gossimer on the waves and hoped to lead sailers astray,but a true worshiped goddess with a great big bodice and to create an alluring display!

    beware of foul oysters too large for the chest let's banish them from the buffet! and far more lucritious

    You smell like the fishes

    did i hear a banshee

    your sea green with envy

    this mermaid enchantress

    the re-birth of venus

    we'll set sailers silly all day!

    oh!,oooh!,ah!,ooof, ooooh!,ooo!

  2. Makin' up a song about coraline! she's a peach she's a doll, she'a a pal of mine!
    She's as cute as a button in the eyes of anyone who ever layed their eyes on coraline!
    When she comes around explorin' mom and i will never make it boring our eyes will be on coraline!