Wednesday, February 4, 2009

More Coraline concept art (plus more)

Coraline artist Jon Klassen has posted concept art featuring circus mice.

Also, Henry Selick makes the clearest statement I've seen as to who he thinks should see the film:
Well, first off, it’s a PG film, not a G film. The parent knows best, but we don’t think most kids under eight should see this film. One of my producers will hate me for saying that, but we’ve always said, this is not for really young children; it’s too scary for them. Another thing we say is, well it’s for brave children of all ages. Leave the scaredy cats at home.
Read the rest of the interview here.

Coraline reminds me in many ways of Return to Oz, which I saw when I was 8. It scared me quite a bit, but I promptly insisted on getting a copy of the book, so...

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  1. Made my Coraline Mystery Box. It's number 51 (of 50)

    Check it out. I also emailed you this info.