Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Even more limited Coraline Nike Dunks; Coraline maquettes

15 shoe fanatics received Coraline Nike Dunks in fancy wooden boxes, complete with button keys and button boxes. Nice gallery of images here.

The movers shown briefly at the beginning of Coraline are based on Joe and Jerome Ranft, who you can read about here. I believe I've mentioned it before, but sculptor Damon Bard has posted lots of photos of maquettes and Coraline puppets, including quite a few of the Other Mother's final form, at his site.

*Buy Coraline Dunks at eBay.


  1. I entered the contest in coraline's bedroom for the shoes and just for those who don't have the password one of the passwords is jerk wad.

  2. I neeeeeeed them dunks. That box with the button box is FANTASTIC!

    Also, can we remove the password leakage from the above post? Let's keep the people entering the contest limited to people who actually saw the film.

  3. I hear what you're saying, but honestly there's been so much mention of the password on the web, one more comment won't make a difference.

  4. If I don't get those dunks, it's on your head now!


    It's cool. :-)

  5. They're selling that password on ebay.

    Somepeople must be dumb.

    I hope Bobinski's right and very few people are entering. I wonder when the contest closes.

    Oh. And. Did everyone who got a free pair of dunks put it up on ebay? Jeez, it seems like it.

    People suck.

  6. Shane's got his painting of the Ranft brothers on his blog:

    Really great. All his stuff is.

  7. I really hope i get some coraline dunks.... do you think i have a chance since i am a guys size 8....

    and there's not much mention of the password on the web.... i searched and searched, until i finally decided ill just go see the movie :-/

  8. "They're selling that password on ebay."

    I saw that. Sad.

  9. This is really messed up in my opinion. I mean after reading the other comments I see that people are really competitive for these shoes. I mean honestly I really dislike the idea of people selling these shoes or their trunks on ebay. They should be honored to have those shoes and keep them and treasure them. To hold and preserve for generations. I know I'd like my kids to see these shoes and maybe pass down to them.Those people who sell those shoes should not deserve them if all they see is a profit. If a box of shoes or a trunk showed up on my door I would never think of selling something so precious. I mean those shoes were made with care and actual props from the movie! I don't want to say I'm fanatic, but I am a fan. I would love a pair of size 10's to show up on my door. I'd even wear them since they are to be enjoyed at least once. I mean even if it had a cat and mouse head I'd wear it. I don't care if it looks weird on me cause I'm a dude. I would snap a Polaroid of it and scrapbook the event.

  10. good on ya punchneye, although there's not much we can do about da peeps practically crucifying 4 those dunks!!! :{)

  11. Well I'm with ya on that one, I found out about the contest to late, so didnt get a chance to even enter but if I did enter, and win those shoes they would be my pride and joy. If someone wanted them theywould have to pry it out of my cold dead hands.