Friday, January 23, 2009

The concept artist for Coraline interviewed (and more)

Animation World News interviewed Tadahiro Uesugi, a Japanese illustrator who spent over a year creating concept images for Coraline. AWN also posted quite a few of Uesugi's images. Above, you can see his depiction of Coraline, her Other Father, and the self-playing piano (which is very different from the version in the film). Most interesting comment:
I haven't had a chance to meet Neil Gaiman himself, but I drew the designing process upon the story of the Coraline book released in Japan. (By the way, illustrations of the Japanese version of Coraline book are done by a Japanese illustrator.)
I believe this is the Japanese version of Coraline:

I couldn't find a copy at America's Amazon or eBay sites. And I also couldn't find any more information on the artist for the Japanese version. According to Google's translation of the Amazon Japan page, the book is written by author "Neal Gay Man." The title of the book is translated as "Witch of the button and KORARAIN."

Anyway, at least when I looked at the AWN site, it was graced with the only banner ad I've ever enjoyed - - featuring real world and Other Bobinksy. It'll be a darn shame if there's never a real world Bobinsky toy made.

If you like Uesugi's art, you should also check out the slide show at Metropolis I previously mentioned. It featured at least one painting not posted at AWN.

Finally, in other Coraline news, here's another pair of Nike Dunks. Apparently a small percentage will feature large buttons. Seems like a bad idea to make a small percentage extra unique - - the people who win the "mundane" pairs will be left with a bitter feeling.

*Buy books featuring Tadahiro Uesugi's art at Amazon.


  1. I love your web sites sooooo much

  2. I already have. And a lot of them!

  3. It doesn't look as though an illustrator is mentioned on the cover, the other two names are Kanehara Mizuhito and Nakamura Hiromi--the translators. It's possible that Uesugi is referring to the illustrations on the cover.

    Gay Man is just a bad translation of the katakana characters, Gaiman translates phonetically rather easily into Japanese. Neil sounds more like Nee-ru.

    You can find the book at Yesasia, which can be much easier to order from if you don't read Japanese

  4. Isn't Other Father's piano called Tadahiro or something? I mean, when you go to and into Mr. Jones' study, then click on the piano (it zooms up), you can make out the Japanese word "Tadahiro" on it.