Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Coraline news roundup

Laura Hall offers a beautiful Polaroid-style photo of a Coraline Button Key.

1. Coraline is neither a cartoon, nor a television show, yet Cartoon Network's mobile store has a free wallpaper available for your phone.

2. Borders has a minisite filled with various Coraline videos, including a video in which Neil Gaiman talks about the wonderful button. Relatedly, you can learn about the history of the button here.

3. Rudy Adler is writing multiple choice questions for a Coraline Dunks giveaway?

4. Photo set featuring a Coraline doll in action.

5. I find it fascinating that Coraline has inspired almost no homemade crafts. Craft's blog hasn't mentioned Coraline a single time.

*Buy buttons at eBay.


  1. I am making a handmade item based on Coraline. It is a scarf done completely in grey scale yarn with black "evil buttons" as accents on either end. It is as yet unfinished but I would be honored if you would post a picture of it were I to send you one. It's nothing particularly impressive, but I am doing it because I was inspired by "welcome to a handmade world". The grey scale was something I always thought of when I thought of the Other World as well as Dave MacKean's original cover and drawings for the American hardback edition. And then while working at JoAnn fabrics and stocking buttons I discovered these monstrous "eye sized" shiney black buttons. The rest as they say is history. :)

  2. That scarf sounds really cool

  3. Send me the photo when it's done or just send me a link to your site where you've posted the photo.

  4. yeah, the reason cartoon network has a coraline wallpaper is because during the power puff girls 10th anniversary special, they went behind the scenes of coraline with a couple of really cool clips. so just think of the wallpaper as a party favor ;-)

  5. I have a Coraline craft idea in the works.

  6. I know this post was a while back, but if you go to and search Coraline Crafts, there was a whole swap based on the movie. Really amazing stuff too!