Monday, January 26, 2009

Homemade button box (and more)

Donovan Beeson didn't receive a button box from Coraline's Other Mother, so she made one herself. She intends to post a how to at Instructables. In the meantime, here's her Etsy shop.

Macy's is giving away a trip to Cabo San Lucas and $500 worth of "Epic Threads" clothing, which you can see here. (Thanks for the tip, Jory.) made a stop motion film of the unboxing of a pair of Coraline Nike Dunks.

And finally, Henry Selick, in an interview with MTV, aptly summarizes the difficulty of promoting Coraline: "Some would say it’s too scary for kids, or it’s not scary enough for adults."

He could also add, "boys won't go because it looks like it's for girls. And girls won't go because there's no dating or princesses." Seriously, if you want Coraline to be a success, you should urge everyone you know to go. This film really needs the fans to promote it.

*Buy Coraline keys at eBay.


  1. No one I ask seems to know about this movie. I've not seen very many commercials for it either. I can see where they don't want people to make assumptions about the movie via the commercials, but with continious commercials people will start talking about it in the very least. It's probably too late now, one week from the premiere.

  2. about the urging everyone I know to go see it I have more then half the school going!

  3. Thanks for posting my box. I finished the Instructable! It's at