Saturday, January 3, 2009

Coraline Box #31 contents on sale at eBay?

Two curious items on sale at eBay. I've asked the seller for more information.

As you may know, part of the Coraline ad campaign includes sending out 50 one-of-a-kind boxes filled with props from the movie. I've previously found about half, but have not yet seen Box #31.

The eBay listing for "Coraline Mystery Box #31 Key and Other Mother statue" is for this item:

And the description says:
You are bidding on a special one-of-a-kind "Other Mother" porcelain statue from Neil Gaiman's Coraline movie
The doll stands 20" supported by an upright stand, and can be posed.

The details on this rare promo is phenomenal: The dress is sparkly sewed sequins with shoulder petals; the hair and button eyes are precisely applied and the apron is crushed velvet with gold trim. Her fingernails are painted black. Her dress glistens when it hits the light. Truly an amazing collector piece.

You will get the figure (shipped securely) and the promo key with website tag.
Auction DOES NOT include the original Mystery Box (sorry, I'm keeping that)
Based on that description, I'm not clear if the key is the only thing from Box #31, or if the statue was also part of the box. Also, the phrase "one-of-a-kind" and the word "rare" don't mean the same thing to me.

The seller has one other listing: "Coraline Doll, 9.5" tall. Handmade one of a kind":

The description for the item says:
A very unique collectible doll with lots of detail. A one-of-a-kind item: Coraline's doll from the upcoming Neil Gaiman movie "Coraline". The doll stands approx 9.5" tall, 4" wide. The doll is plastic with real buttons. Makes a lovely addition to your OOAK collectibles or movie memorabilia. The item will arrive secured and snug in its container box.
Since there's no mention of it coming from Box #31, I assume this is something the seller created . . . which also leads me to wonder if the seller created the Other Mother statue.

UPDATE: Amy points out the seller's poor eBay feedback score, which includes an allegation of a fraudulent sale.

UPDATE #2: Here's the seller's MySpace page, and the seller tells me the negative feedback was due to slow mail delivery. I'm still trying to find out more information on the box, and exactly which item came from the box.

UPDATE #3: The seller told me:
both statue and key are in my box. The other contents are Other Mother's Good Hand and some fabric swatches. I did not make the coraline doll- it comes as a trip swag from someone who went to Siggraph this past Dec.

Apparently referring to the sale, Neil Gaiman wrote on his blog:
Someone sent me a link this morning to an eBay auction that claimed to be of the contents of a Coraline Box. And as far as I can tell right now, it's a fake thing (still waiting to hear back from the studio), in that it's not a costume from the film and it's very obviously a home-made doll. How odd.
So, buyer beware.

UPDATE #4: As you'll see if you try the links above, the Coraline statue and doll listings have been removed from eBay. No details given. The seller is no longer a "registered user."


  1. There's no way those dolls were made by Laika. And the seller is a shady creep [see the ebay feedback rating...a glowing -1].

    I wonder how this person blogged well enough to attract Laika's attention so they'd send him/her a box...or did he scoff it from someone? Hrm.

  2. I don't know if ANYONE else noticed, but, the lipstick on this so-called Other Mother Doll was PAINTED on. And rather poorly at that. And if you take a REALLY closer look under the button eyes you can see something shocking; painted eyes.

    =) Just thought I'd point those out to anyone!

  3. what I think they meant was that the other mother statue contained THE KEY from box 31 not the statue.The statue was obviously hand made and the coraline doll was a sad exscuse for a very Unique one of a kind doll. Hah! some people are just stupid. Other people can find out your dolls are frauds.

  4. I think it's funny that it's stated as a porcelain doll, but it's also poseable...