Monday, January 5, 2009

More weirdness about that Coraline doll/statue sale

So just about everything points to the Coraline statue and doll sale to being fraudulent. But there was even more weirdness related to the sale in today's blog post by Neil Gaiman. Of the sale, he says this:
The fake Coraline box Other Mother doll was taken down from eBay, and the person selling it seems to have vanished too -- seeing that he had a few "he took my money and never sent me anything" complaints on eBay, I do not think he's a great loss to the world of online retailing, and will probably be back there soon enough under another name.

I don't mind people making their own dolls. I just mind when they do it to try and screw other people.
Fair enough.

But then he quotes an email from someone named Philip who claims to have created
a handmade fully-articulated Coraline doll . . . Lovingly hand-made with kitchen gloves for the raincoat and boots, do-rag for the skirt, beenie baby for the pink top, knit sock for the stockings, twist-ties for the boot bows, blue paper for the hair, lots of super glue and of course, buttons for the eyes and raincoat.
Philip apparently provided this Photobucket image link, which is to the exact same photo of a doll that was being used on eBay. Weird.

Seems like a good time to compare the mystery Coraline doll:

with the one Tomopop got from the Coraline crew:

And if you haven't seen the official toys yet, they're available for preorder (by the case only) at Entertainment Earth.


  1. you are so lucky ever since ive played the video game of coraline and wached the trailers ive wanted a coraline doll just like the one obove i would do or pay eneything for one

  2. CoralineSuperMegaFanJuly 30, 2009 at 4:52 PM

    I have seen lots of people with doll replicas on eBay. Note to people: be careful! Fraud is always something to think about when buying suspicious items. Other than that, I think the doll used in the movie was awesome! I'm currently working on making my own doll out of clay as a gift for my sister. =)