Monday, January 26, 2009

Coraline news roundup

Another set of pretty photos of the Coraline Nike Dunks.

1. Sci Fi Channel's blog interviewed Henry Selick. Here's the most interesting bit:
How much do you worry about this quirky, 3-D animated feature, which is not being released by Disney, finding an audience and making money?

Selick: I could spend all my time worrying about that. There are a lot of things competing for people's attention, and it's challenging to get anyone to go into a theater. Neil is a well known writer, but he's not Stephen King. My name will sell a couple of tickets. We hope that we can get some folks in. We're worried that we're not going to get enough people to experience it in the best possible way, which is on the big screen. But we hope that being different—being stop-motion, being scary, being in 3-D, the unique look and design of it—is the thing that attracts people.
Nike/LAIKA connection notwithstanding, kind of a curious strategy to get shoe bloggers to mention Coraline in the hopes that readers looking for photos of shoes will care about the movie.

2. And M.Crowley sent me a photo of a Coraline-inspired scarf:

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  1. hey just wanted to let you guys know is that the virgin megastore at downtown disney in orlando florida carries the coraline collectible figures... just thought you would like to know

    coraline at disney world... go figure!

  2. some good news on buying coraline dolls from entertainment earth: They have shipped!

    P.S. This is from the person who sent the messages about slow delivery

  3. this website has coraline dolls with good faces not scary of funny but good!