Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Might want to hold off on ordering the Coraline art book

Cartoon Brew posted a review of Coraline: A Visual Companion. Here's the first few lines:
I’d been forewarned that the art of book for Coraline was not very good, but that didn’t prepare me for the publishing disaster that is Coraline: A Visual Companion. After looking at it in the bookstore recently, I can say with some confidence that this is the single worst ‘art of’ book I’ve ever seen published in conjunction with a major animated release.
Click through to see why the reviewer found the book to be so disappointing.

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  1. i agree with all points in amid's post. this book is disappointing. the production and concept artwork that was done for the film is on par with the best of pixar or disney. hopefully one day this work will find its way to the public. the best you can do for now is to go visit the coraline exhibit at the cartoon art museum in SF, and the artist panel at gallery nucleus in LA on february 7th.

  2. totally right about the book.I bought it and it was a total disapointment.

  3. This book was on my Amazon shopping list. I've read the Cartoon Brew review and is searching for more pictures of the book online. Harper Collins has a few page previews. It doesn't really look good. I guess I'll have to visit a bookshop to actually confirm it before spending money.