Friday, January 30, 2009

Coraline video game review

As I warned, the Coraline video game is not a quality product.

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  1. Yes, that's what I heard. Boy, what a bad game. I've seen the playthrough videos on YouTube... and they suck.

  2. i was a huge fan of the movie, so i was in bestbuy when i saw a coraline video game for ps2. it was only 10 dollars so i figured why not? the music was really cool, but i think everything else in the game was the opposite. the worst problem was the praying mantis. it was literally impossible to pass. i started my WHOLE game (which was probably less than 6 hours) over again and used my level skip to get past that level. too bad it skipped the rest of the game instead. one night i was bored so i figured what the heck i'll play again. that's when i got to the level with wybie and the well. when i got to the spot, wybie wasn't there. wonderful, a game that develops NEW bugs! i don't reccomend it, it's not even really fun.
    btw, in the part where you escape the other world, i thought the sound of the other mother screaming at me would break my speakers. great sound quality- great game.